Energy Barge

The main objective of the project ENERGY BARGE is to exploit the potential for green energy in the form of biomass along the Danube river in a sustainable way, thereby increasing energy security and efficiency in the Danube countries.

An outstanding feature of the ENERGY BARGE project is its cross-sectoral approach: the project will bring together key actors along the entire value chain, stakeholders from the bioenergy industry, Danube ports as well as relevant public authorities and policy stakeholders. This shall support transnational know-how transfer and cooperation.
ENERGY BARGE will build a platform for the exchange of experiences and best practices, extending the deployment of biomass for energy production in the Danube region.
The project will map value chains and facilitate the market uptake of biomass, support better connected transport systems for green logistics and provide practical solutions and policy guidelines.
As main outputs the project will deliver a transnational learning tools and events on biomass availability and value chains, business workshop, an innovative, information platform on biomass logistics along the Danube as well as pre/feasibility studies, pilot actions and pilot investments in inland ports.

Energy Barge – Building a Green Energy and Logistics is project co-financed by the EU (ERDF, IPA) within the Danube Transnational  Programme implementing  in 30 months period ( 1st 2017 – 30th 2019). Project will be implemented by international consortium constituted of 14 institutions and 8 associated strategic partners (public institutions, consultants, universities, non- governmental, organizations) from 8 European countries ( DE,AT,SK,HU,HR,BG,RO,IT).
Overall project budget is 2.323.519,65 EUR while the ERDF co-financing share is 1.974.991,67 EUR.

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